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The Bachelor of Business Studies program aims to develop a student's intellectual ability,

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The B.Sc. CSIT (Bachelor in Computer Science and infromation Technology) curriulum is designed by closely following

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Message from the Chairperson

Nihareeka College, is committed to deliver quality education outstanding researches and international engagement in the

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Message from the Campus Chief

It's my pleasure to let you know about Nihareeka College; a college of management and information technology.

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Features of B.Sc. CSIT

  • Provides intensive knowledge in theory,design, programming & application of computer.
  • Prepares globally competent IT graduates.
  • In house software development.
  • Organizational tie-ups with various software companies, banks, international universities.
  • 100% internship and job placement.
  • Well equipped with state-of-the-art computer and digital electronics labs.
  • Apple certification programs (non credit courses).
  • Internship project at F1 Soft.

Features of BBS

  • Provides managerials skills.
  • BBS graduates can work as manager, administrator, enterpreneur etc.
  • Quality education at affordable cost.
  • Upto date study materials.
  • Best quality teaching faculty.
  • Personalized attention and grooming.
  • Authentic career planning and counseling.
  • Job placement support & guidance.